Structural Design Associates is a professional engineering company providing comprehensive structural engineering services for both residential and commercial projects. Our company believes in providing designs that are functional and economical, working together with our clients to develop complete solutions. Our principal is licensed as a professional engineer in Washington and our company is experienced in the structural engineering of single family residences, multi-family residences, concrete masonry buildings, concrete tilt-up structures, retention vaults, retaining walls, deep foundations, seismic retrofits, and more.
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The majority of projects completed by Structural Design Associates are residential in nature.  From small additions to complex remodels, weekend cabins to expansive mansions, single-family developments to multi-unit apartment complexes, our office has engineered it all.  We can provide full structural engineering, including beam sizing and foundation design, or simply lateral engineering for wind and seismic resistance.  We can also provide retention vaults for developments.     




Our office has worked on a variety of local projects, including shopping plazas, large retail stores, and office buildings.  We are experienced in design with concrete masonry, tilt-up panels, steel frames, and conventional wood framing.  We are also able to provide full engineering support during construction.  We have also engineered a variety of signs for retailers and commercial buildings.




Whatever the characteristics of your soil, we can provide a foundation system to make it work.  For a simple step-down lot, we can provide rockery walls or retaining walls of varying heights.  For more complex situations, we often work together with geotechnical engineers to develop deep foundation systems or soil retention systems.  We have worked on many projects utilizing pin piles, auger cast piles, and soldier pile walls.


Structural Investigations and Upgrades


Our office is able to assist you in many aspects of engineering, including retrofitting and remodeling existing structures.  We can inspect existing construction to determine the feasibility of a remodel, or provide structural recommendations following a fire or windstorm.  We can also perform site visits to determine the seismic resistance of older structures, both commercial and residential, and provide retrofits.


Specialized Projects


Our office has completed a handful of unique projects, and we are always eager to engineer more.  We have engineered short-span bridges of concrete and wood that have been built locally.  We have also designed built-up glulam and rough sawn trusses for several residences.  Bring us your ideas, we will provide our experience and enthusiasm.